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 Mob:  0210634248  

Danielle Wallace, F.G.A., GIA AJP, GAA Advanced Practical Diamond Grading

is a qualified Gemmologist and Jewellery Valuer (trained by Jill Towers), with retail experience in the jewellery industry and a background in IT as a software trainer.

Qualifications:  F.G.A. Diploma in Gemmology (Gem-A, UK) 2020, AJP (GIA, USA) 2018, Practical Diamond Grading Certificate and Advanced Practical Diamond Grading Certificate (GAA, Australia) 2019

Jill Towers, F.G.A., D.G.A., B,Sc

is a highly qualified Gemmologist and experienced Jewellery Valuer.  She also is keen to pass on this wealth of knowledge and experience so is an active Tutor in Gemmology to the Jewellery Trade, Gemmology Students and members of the public.

Qualifications: B.Sc. Bachelor of Science in Geology (NZ) 1999, F.G.A. Diploma in Gemmology (Gem-A, UK) 2002

D.G.A. Diploma in Diamond Grading (Gem-A, UK) 2004

Combined Affiliations:

  • GANZ - Full Member 

  • JVS - Jewellery Valuers Society of New Zealand

  • Gem-A - Fellows and Jill is a tutor for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain

  • GIA - Alumni Member

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